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16dBi Yagi Directional Antenna 850MHz Telstra NextG Vodafone 3G

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Enhance 3G mobile broadband and GSM reception

Hilly country areas that has weaken 3G signal

Farm and regional area that is far from base station

850MHz supports Telstra NextG and Vodafone 3G Mobile broadband

Support USB 3G Dongle, Telstra NextG and D HSPA+ modems

Regional services use the specified bandwidth

Remote, 3G IP Cameras and CCTV control

Final connector SMA Male to suit popular modems(Please double check the modem specification and service provider)

Supply mounts and bolts for fixed outdoor installation

Correctly installed, this antenna can turn an unreliable internet connection into a fast broadband and quality VoIP service


Frequency 824-896 MHz
Gain 16 dBi
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
Vertical Beamwidth 25 (vertical mount)
Horizontal Beamwidth 28 (vertical mount)
Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms
F/B Ratio >20 dB
Max Input Power 100 W
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Final Connector SMA Male
Cable Length 360mm (LMR240)
Reflector Material Aluminum Alloy
Antenna Material Mast
Mast Diameter 40-60mm
Rated Wind Velocity 210km/h
Operating Temperature -40~+65C
Dimension 1510mm
Weight 0.65kg

Carrier and Bandwidth

Carrier/Service Band   Mode Bandwidth  Compatible? 
Telstra/Bigpond NextG 850MHz  3G UTMS/HSPA
824-894 MHz  YES
Vodafone 3G, 3G+ 850MHz  UTMS/HSPA, HSPA+  824-894 MHz  YES
Optus, Virgin,
Vodafone (900) 3G
900MHz  UMTS/HSPA 900 880-960 MHz  NO
Telstra - 4G LTE 1800MHz  LTE FD 1800  1710-1880 MHz  NO
Telstra voice/sms 1900MHz  UTMS 1900  1850-1990MHz  NO
Vodafone, Optus, Telstra
GSM/3G - voice/sms/data
2100MHz  UMTS/HSPA  1920-2170 MHz  NO


Know you carriers band, 850, 900 or 1800 2100Mhz ?
Major carrier has band frequency as shown above, however double check with your service provider if you're uncertain.
To find out more please visit Australian Mobile Network Frequencies

Where's the closest mobile tower(base station) in my area ?
In order to have the best result, directional antenna should point toward the location or the local mobile tower. 
To find out where's the closest mobile tower, please use ACMA Radiocommunications Register

Can i use this antenna with my modem ?
Modem needs a external antenna socket to be able to plug in with this antenna. If you're unsure about it, please double check with service provider.

Do i need a longer coax cable ?
Make sure you have position modem and antenna in its best location, even with our low-loss LMR240 coax, every 10m, 3dB of sginal lost.

Is the higher antenna gain the better ?
Generral speaking, if you have very weak signal in the area, it's better to use a high gain 16dBi Yagi antenna pointing toward the mobile tower to capture the signal. Or if it's a medium signal strength, in order to have a stable signal, a 9-14dBi LPDA Multiband Yagi is ideal.

What's included

1pc 16dBi 850MHz Yagi Antenna

Mount and Bolts

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