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12 Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy Set Magnets with AIR Pump

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Pain in the neck? Your body just doesn't feel right?

Chinese cupping helps soften long standing muscle tightness and adhesions.

Acupuncture that does not use a needle and focuses on revival of blood, and energy of different fluids circulating in our tissues, such as the lymph fluid.

Suction cupping is a modern development based on traditinoal cupping, it produces the effect of traditional cupping and eliminateds some of the disadvantages.

How to Use

1. Clean thoroughly, remove body hair.

2. Wash cups and target areas on skin with warm, lightly salty water, and dry before cupping.

3. Before performing cupping procedure with a suction cup, make sure the inside of the cup is clean and the assembly is intact
(valve and seal are firmly fastened to cup).

4. Select an appropriate size or type of cup. (Smaller cups are for smaller body areas).

5. Smear an appropriate amount of oil, or skin cream onto the target area.

6. Connect the connecters, cup and pump gun, and place the cup on the appropriate part of the body.
Draw the gun handle to withdraw air from the cup. Remove Connector to leave cup attached to skin by vacuum pressure.
Cups may be moved while attached, the cream or oil acting as a lubricant. This allows for cupping of larger areas, or to adjust the placement of the cup for optimal cupping.
When moving a cup, grip the cup low on the bowl,
and use the fingers of the non-pulling hand to gently hold the skin taut behind the cup as it moves.

7. The cups can be used individually or in combination according to your preference.

8. After the desired elapsed time, simply release the pressure in the cup by pulling up on the cup's valve to release vacuum. Always use this method to release cup gently
(rather than wrenching it away suddenly) to prevent skin damage.

9. It is normal for darkening to appear on the skin where cups are applied. This will dissipate in a few days.

10. It is possible that sometimes blisters may appear on the skin where the cup has been attached. When the blistering is serious, routine sterilization is necessary. Prick the blisters and apply disinfectant.

11. During each cupping session, keep the room warm.

12. Use for no more than 15 minutes / target area, 1~2 times daily, 10 days / area. (After 10 days, give the area a rest of at least 1-2 days).


Do not use cupping on individuals equipped with a cardiac pacemaker

Do not apply cupping to subjects who are tired or hungry

Do not apply cupping on swollen, bruised or ulcerated skin

The following should receive cupping only on the advice of a physician:

Individuals with hemophilia, thrombocytopenia or other diseases which may cause bleeding

Pregnant women

Individuals with allergic skin reactions

Care and Storage

Keep cups away from sources of high heat

Cups equipped with magnetic points, keep them away from products easily affected by magnetism,
such as electronic equipment, watches, etc.

What's included

2 pcs 58mm Cups
2 pcs 50mm Cups
2 pcs 41mm Cups
2 pcs 37mm Cups
2 pcs 26mm Cups
2 pcs 21mm Cups
6 pcs Megnetic Needles
1 pcs Air Pump
1 pcs Chinese Manual


Individual who has no experience with cupping therapy Please ask for advise from professional physician.

Mushtato is not responsable for any causes by using this cupping set.

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